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Everyone will start as one of these BUT they can at any time change their class.

Note: it is advised that a High Mage should not become a Warrior because he would start with nearly no combat skill other then what he started with. This will Prohibit Power-Gaming or the abuse of the classes. But will leave the character free to change his mind or Role-play a specific situation.

Note: The choice to go back to the starting Area to change your class will be possible but it will in effect make you a newbie of said class.

Jack of All Trades:
This is for those who do not want a class or wish to form their own class. Examples: Bards to be, Craftsmen, anything that the player can imagine... The Jack of all trades will be limited in that they can never achieve a skill as high as the specialized classes.
Benefits: Unlimited Archery. Can use any bows. All other skills will be to Journeyman Rank (max 60 skill).
Restrictions: No plate armor.

This is the general starting class for the common Fighter.
Benefits: Unlimited in all combat skills.
Restrictions: No alchemy, No Magery, No Craft skills, No Taming, No Bard skills, No Plate Armor.

This is the starting class for the practitioners of Magic.
Benefits: Unlimited in Magery, Alchemy, and Inscription. Can use Magic Items not including weapons or non-clothing Armour.
Restrictions: No Armour, No Weapons only Staff and Mage Dagger, No Craft skills, No Taming, No Bard skills.

Wandering Druids:
This is the Starting Class of one who wishes to become one with Nature or Protector of the Land.
Benefits: Unlimited Skill in Magery - spells of healing and elemental Nature. Special Altered Spells such as Animal Polymorph. Starting Bonus to Animal Taming. Unlimited Alchemy.
Restrictions: Only Clothing or Special Druidic weapons. (sickle and staves), No Crafts, No Bard skills.

Please Note you must Role-play or have an In-Character Reason to Join these classes since Players May be in control of these Classes/Guilds.

This is Lesser Nobility of the Land, They may be Brave and Virtuous or they may be Cowardly and Cruel. Knights are the only people in the Realm that may own and use Platemail armor (In the type of society this is set in only Knights could use weapons or armor but we are being Kind and Limited only to Full plate Armour) The Warrior will normally strive to become a Knight.
Added Bonus: Same as Warrior, only can use Platemail armor.
Added Restrictions: Same as Warrior, but can not use Bows.

This is the Bardic College of Musicians and Storytellers. They can perform great feats of magic with their songs and music to incite Anger, Calm a riot, or to charm creatures and men alike. Through the Travels of These Minstrels they Pick up many trades and skills uncommon to the other Classes.
Added Restrictions: Same as Jack-Of-All-Trades, without the Bard restrictions. More restrictions under discussion.

Druidic Order:
This is the Sacred Inner Circle of Higher Druids. This order Protects the Ancient Laws of the land and Watches over the Balance.
Added Restrictions: Same as Wandering Druids.

Order of the Magi:
These are the good Mages of the Land, they are the Protectors of Magic and it's uses. They strive to Achieve a Higher understanding of Magic and it's workings.
Added Bonus: . More Magi Craftable items. Higher Polymorphs and Summons. Magi Robes.
Added Restrictions: Same as Mage.

This Dark Order draws it's Power from the forces of Death. Using Blood and Bone they crafts spells to Animate the Dead and Create Unholy Items.
Added Bonus: Extra necromantic spells such as Bone Armor from spell. Ability to craft special Necromantic items. Higher Polymorph: Undead, and higher summon spells. In testing: Lesser Ridable nightmare from spell. Also controlling undead.
Added Restrictions: Same as Mage, except no Mage Robe.

These Elite Knights of the game have been recognized by a Counsel of Paladins made up of 3 Gods from the shard. These 3 will select after carful examination 8 players whom they belive to behold the virtuous nature it would require to RP a Paladin. They must take a vow of poverty and forsake them selves for others at all times.
Added Bonus: Specialty Armour that is Class restrictive, Specialty Weapons and Shields that are Class restrictive. A Thessalian, a fierce yet beautiful Equine of unmatched power and speed.

Last But not least the most POWERFUL guild in the game. These Hard workers are Vital to the flow of goods and money. They are the keepers of Economic Balance of the world.
Added Bonus: They can use all craftsmanship skills to their full potential.
Added Restrictions: Same as Jack-Of-All-Trades

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