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There are 4 types of players in the world:

Server Admins- Wear black robe with gold trim, or a clothing with a black theme
Game Master- Red robe with gold trim, or clothing with a red theme.
Seer- Green robe with gold trim, or clothing with a green theme
Player- May not wear any robes with gold trim, DEATH SHROUDS, or guild shields, unless given to them by a gm or other player. Players wear clothes that are made by tailors.

Disputes between staff and players-

A dispute between a staff member and a player is to be handled off the server in an ICQ chat with another staff member to arbitrate.


Admin and GM Rules:

1 Server Admins and GMs do what is in the best interests of the shard. They will act as professionally and ethically as any situation may allow us. They shall be impartial, and show no favoritism towards certain players. Although good role-players are sometimes looked after. Server Admins and GMs will not abuse their powers in any way for fun, being upset, or to help a friend.

2 NO Profanity in front of any players.



5 ADMINS or GMs will not kill players intentionally.

6 GMs may not advance their normal characters in any way shape or form. .

7 GMs may not abuse their power in any way or they will be removed.

Counselor Rules:

1 Counselors are to assist with player problems.

2 Counselors should be the first to answer a player page. If they can answer the question then great, if not they will re'que the page and notify a GM.

3 Counselors are to assist players that are stuck.

4 Counselors MAY NOT be a travel agent for players. In other words don't be a human transport. No gating, or sending players to places upon their request.

5 Counselors may not give players items for any reason.

6 Counselors can not, or will not give out information pertaining to cost of items, deeds, selling of houses, etc.

7 Counselors can not sell houses or special items. GM's and above do that.

Player Rules:

* Just because a rule is not specifically stated or detailed does not mean it's acceptable behavior.
* Use your heads and good judgment, you are all perfectly capable of knowing right from wrong.
* You may lose the right to play on TFL if you consistently play in a manner detrimental to the shard as a whole.

1 No profanity, racist remarks, or sexist remarks. This is a shard for all ages.

2 No bug exploitation allowed. If you come across a bug please report it immediately. That way it can be fixed immediately. If you are caught utilizing a bug for personal gain or to cause harm to someone you will be held responsible for your actions. Report those bugs.

3 No harassment of other players. This includes following a player around from town to town.

4 No external programs that allow you to hack, exploit bugs or cheat in any means is allowed i.e.: UOE

5 Do not ask GM's for items. As GM's are not allowed to give things away, including STATS and SKILLS.

6 Use the paging system wisely, do not page a Gm to help you find a friend

7 Use the TFL message board with respect. It is not to be used as a means to harass or slam people. This includes this shard, other shards, our Staff or Staff from other shards. Failure to do so will result in having your ability to post removed (i.e.. IP ban) If this is not effective, we will shift the boards to moderated in order to remove your posts before others can see them.

8 All players will show respect to Sphere Dev Team members when/if they visit the shard.

9 If you do not use your account within 1 week of acceptance, it will be terminated.

10 The abuse of NPC's is not tolerated. Any player found to have an NPC in their house *humans* will have there account banned. Attacking, gating, or macroing on a NPC can result in Life time banning. All NPC Vendors hired by players are to remain outside there house. No NPC should ever be inside a players house for any reason.

An exception to this is a leased pre-placed structure. For example, if you lease a bakery you can have a baker placed to 'run' the shop. You do not, however, get any proceeds from this vendor and the door to the shop must remain unlocked for all to enter.

11 All players belonging to a guild need to have displayed there guilds abbreviation in there name at all times. This does two fold, identifies you as a guild member to the staff incase of a question of Guild warfare & allows us to better handle situations where a player has been killed and staff are paged for an illegal killing.

12 The only acceptable way into a house is either by invitation or the stealing / looting of keys. If you get them in battle or by a thieving it is all right. But using an exploit to get them is a bannable offense. The use of stealth to get into a house is strictly prohibited, and will result in your acct being banned immediately.

13 In the event your character gains skill or stats above that which your class should have it is your responsibility to immediately page a GM. There may be a few bugs in the class system where by a character may gain skill or stats they should not be able to. Failure to do so can result in punitive action, up to and including banning.

14 Sparring is accepted as long as you are sparring with a guild mate and both parties are consenting. BOTH party's must be at their key boards while sparring.

15 Any player that is jailed or banned may not log into another acct. If he/she does so that acct is also subject to the same sentence as was originally given

16 The locking or setting to down of any skill is forbidden, all skills must be set to arrow up. The use of a locked skill to gain stats is grounds for banning.

17 Once banned always banned

18 The use of curse, alcohol or any means of lowering your stats in order to excel the rate of gain is considered an exploit. Also, the use of any item that permanently lowers another players stats because of a bug is not allowed.

19 Macroing is allowed as long as you are present at the keyboard, but you must maintain a 1 action per 10 seconds ratio. NO UNATTENDED MACROING IS ALLOWED. Staff will wait 30 seconds for a response then conclude you are not present.

20 Players with unacceptable names will be asked to change them. If they refuse there name will be changed for them. If they continue to argue, punitive action will be taken..

21 There is no attacking cross town lines. Even in the event of rule #22, you CAN NOT attack across any town line for any reason

22 The only time you can attack a player in town, is if they are Red or flagged criminal to you. *guild wars are allowed*


There are four options for the Staff members in regards to a players sentence.
Fines can be levied along with jail or temporary banning as well as harsher judgments.
i.e. bank boxes cleared and/or character(s) deleted for repeat offenders

1) Jail Time, temporary
* Used to hold players while final sentencing is discussed and then placed on sentencing board, this can be indefinite and DOES NOT count towards the actual sentence.

* Also used to hold players long enough to remove them from in-game activities that they are disrupting.

2) Block, temporary
* Staff will set the length of time the player is not allowed to log in to TFL.

3) Block, semi-permanent - probational ban
* Gets set like a Permanent Ban, we do nothing until the player contacts us after X amount of time (no less then 3 months) for reinstatement.

* In either case of #2 or #3, any player found to be allowing a blocked player on their account will find their account also blocked for the same period under the same conditions.

4) Permanent Ban, no recourse
* Just as it says, no return irregardless of any future statements of remorse. Some actions outlast a players reasons for doing them. We can accept an apology, but will not reinstate the players account nor allow a new account to be made.

* Any player permanently banned and found to have a new account will have that account banned as well.

* Any player found to be allowing a permanently banned player on their account will find their account also permanently banned.
It is up to the GM's as to which of these applies to a certain individual. A vote will be called for any block or ban that is contemplated. Once the vote is cast, the player will be notified and it will be final.

If a player continues to annoy, harass or badger either staff or other players due to a Sentence, either through ICQ, E-mail, or the message board, he or she may face a harsher sentence then the one given.
Any player who harasses, badgers or continually defies staff's decision when it applies to another player may and will be subject to the same punishment.

Please understand that from time to time the server may drop in an instant to test new updates or additions to Sphere. We will try to save all data before this happens so in case something happens that is detrimental to the shard we will have a backup. In worst case scenarios the shard may have to be wiped.


Note that these rules are subject to CHANGE, OR BE ADDED TO at any time without warning.
Most importantly we want everyone to have FUN!!

If there are any questions pertaining to these rules please contact a server admin.
Keep up to date on the OOC msg board as most announcements are made there.

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